Canoeing in the Lake District

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Open Canoeing is a wonderfully inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of age or ability. Whether on majestic lakes in spectacular scenery like Wastwater, the deepest lake in Engand or, on slow moving tidal rivers like the River Irt or even try fast flowing white water, the Lake District provides the perfect natural resources to try Canoeing for the first time, learn a new skill or develop existing skills.
All of our canoeing programmes, including venues and duration are bespoke and exclusively tailored to the needs of the individuals taking part.
The selection below are merely suggested itineraries to provide you with some inspiration.
Call us for an informal chat to gain a more comprehensive picture of what you could achieve...
Programmes can also be tailored for the needs of active families.
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Try It
Experience the sport of canoeing under the guidance of an experienced instructor, learn how to pack & launch a boat, paddle efficiently and possibly sail in an improvised way if conditions allow.
Canoeing on Lakes
As the name suggest the Lake District is a great place to experience canoeing on its many open expanses of water. Our instructors will coach you through all aspects of operating safely whilst journeying on open water. During your experience we will provide you with the skills to prepare a boat, paddle efficiently and sail if conditions allow.
Canoeing on Rivers
The Lake District is host to a range of fantastic rivers for novice canoeists and those who wish to develop existing skills. During your experience a qualified and highly experienced British Canoe Union Coach will introduce you to canoeing on moving water at a pace suitable for you. Our local friendly rivers provide the perfect environment to learn and at the same time enjoy the journey. One of our favourite Venues is the River Esk, which begins in a mountain environment and descends a number of small safe weirs that are easily navigable; it then evolves into a tidal river as it meanders towards the Ravenglass Estuary. We then use the outgoing tide to assist the journey for the last couple of miles into Ravenglass.
Introduction to moving water
This programme is aimed at individuals who wish to develop into confident moving water canoeists. The programme is tailored to individual needs so no prior experience is required. During the course we will cover all aspects of canoeing moving water such as equipment selection, preparing and trimming the boat, efficient paddling and emergency procedures.
Canoe journey & expedition
Packing a canoe with expedition equipment and travelling through a wilderness environment can be incredibly rewarding & memorable. We run a range of journey based programmes from pure guiding for individuals who just want to give it a go, through to coaching programmes for those who wish to develop skills to allow them to journey independently. During a typical programme you can expect to travel on lakes and rivers, and cover skills such as equipment selection, packing & preparing the boat, efficient paddling, improvised sailing, portage techniques and emergency procedures, as well as a range of skills to ensure a comfortable stay in the wilderness, such as equipment selection & packing, campsite selection, fire lighting, campcraft & cooking, hygiene & minimising our impact on the environment.

If you are intetrested in taking part in any of our Lake District canoeing activities please either call us now on 019467 23753 or 07837 099 525, or contact us by email.
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